Top 15 things that can occur after leaving your Narcissist.

  1. You will have the gift of time to focus on yourself and what it is that you want for once.
  2. Space from your Narcissist will allow for the real healing to begin.
  3. You will become more calm, finding it easier to breathe.
  4. Confidence begins to come back.
  5. Independance will take root, making the way for personal growth.
  6. You can make up for lost time with family and friends, for the most part.
  7. Your fears will begin to dissipate.
  8. Your gratitude will soar when you get enough distance from your Narcissist, because it is easier to see how badly you had been treated.
  9. You become proud of yourself and what you can achieve.
  10. You figure out who you are again.
  11. You become emboldened to never settle for anybody who mistreats you.
  12. You become secure enough to allow yourself to love another again.
  13. You feel worthy to receive another’s love wholeheartedly.
  14. You notice all the little joys that seemed to elude you when you were with your Narcissist.
  15. Life becomes so much more fulfilling and beautiful!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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