Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today was a landmark moment for me because one year ago, I filed for divorce and packed up my life and left my narcissist husband!  Looking back on that day,  I can vividly remember how devastated and scared I felt to start the process of finally leaving him.  I felt that my life was over.  I was scared of how he would react… I was scared of the unknown.  I was so afraid of failure and hesitant to be confident in my decision at that time.  I remember feeling ashamed to sneak away from him like I did, but kept reminding myself that I had no choice.  He was not capable of change, he was intimidating, dominating and not to be challenged at any time.  Any fight that would take place, I would have no chance to win on my own.  I am so thankful for my family and dear friends who stood beside me and listened to my endless worries and always encouraged me and reassured me that I was making the best decision for my safety, sanity and for my children.

I am so grateful that I made the decision to leave my narcissist when I did because now, in the span of just one year, my life has become so full of love, hope and happiness!!!  I have a job I really enjoy and I work alongside amazing people who make each day worthwhile, that I proudly call my friends.  My children love their new school and are settling in to their new routine.  They also get to spend quality time with their grandparents and Uncle, where before,  they hardly had any contact.  I just signed my construction loan to start building my home!  I cannot believe how life has come together in this short period of time, but it goes to show that just when you feel that your life has come to an end,  it is just the beginning of another one.  Have faith in yourself, be strong and never surrender to your narcissist.  They are out to destroy you and only will achieve that if you let them!

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