Welcome Readers!

First off, I am not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist.  I am merely a woman who has endured emotional torment at the hands of a Narcissist.  I am starting this blog to help others to identify the narcissists in their lives and to gain strength and support from other people’s experiences.  I hope that my experience can help someone in a profound, life changing for the better, way.  I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an attorney, a cosmetologist, a home school teacher, a believer, a warrior and a survivor.   Please come along with me on my journey.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Readers!

  1. Hello,
    It takes too long to figure it out. When we do, we most often have struggled for a long time and have wasted a lot of energy. In the aftermath, we stay mentally dependent for a long time. I beleive it to be a special type aftermaths. Hugs


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